Given Sparks Jump starters Best Jump Starters for V8 Reviews

Best Jump Starters for V8 Reviews

As a long-time vehicle owner, I’ve dealt with my fair share of battery troubles. I remember those chilly mornings when my V8 wouldn’t start and how much I wished for a magic wand to zap it back to life. If you’ve been in a similar fix, you’ll agree that the solution to this vexing problem is having the best jump starter for V8 at your disposal.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not just about owning any jump starter. The magic happens when you have the one specifically tailored for your V8 engine. This piece of equipment can be a real game-changer, turning that annoying morning routine into a seamless, hassle-free experience.

So, stick around if you’ve ever been left stranded, yearned for a quick solution, or simply want to add an essential tool to your car’s emergency kit. I will look at top battery boosters that would fit your V8 engine.

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Best jump starter for V8
The GB70 is a portable lithium-ion jump starter pack that delivers 2,000 amps, and it features a patented safety technology that provides spark-proof connections and reverses polarity protection. Read the full review.

Jump starters for V8 comparison table

Name Peak Amps (12V) Gas Engine Rating, l Diesel Engine Rating, l Battery Type Review
NOCO GB70 best overall 2000 8 6 Lithium-Ion Review
NOCO Boost Max GB250+ most powerful 5250 16 16 Lithium-Ion Review
Truck PAC ES1224 budget 3000 N/A N/A Lead-Acid Review

Why a V8 engine might need a different jump starter compared to other engines

why a V8 engine might need a different jump starter compared to other engines

I guess you might be wondering, “Why does my powerful V8 need a special jump starter? Isn’t any regular jump starter good enough?” The answer lies in the very nature of your engine.

You see, your V8 is a beast of power, requiring a greater amount of electrical juice to awaken its slumbering cylinders. Thus, a standard jump starter may falter under the demands of your engine, leaving you in the lurch.

A jumpbox for V8 is specially engineered to deliver the high-cranking amps needed to kickstart your V8’s engine. So, if you want to ensure a reliable start every time, investing in a tailored device is more than a good idea — it’s a necessity!

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NOCO GB70 – best overall

In this NOCO GB70 review, I'll look at a portable 12V lithium-ion battery jump starter. This is a serious upgrade to GB20, the first model in the Boost product lineup. The GB70 model is one of this series's most powerful jump starters, delivering 2,000 Amps. Thanks to this, you can make up to 40 jump starts per charge and start both gas and diesel engines. In addition, the NOCO brand empowered this device with numerous features that will be handy as you hit the road. So let's move on to a more detailed GB70 review.

Build and design

NOCO Boost HD GB70 build and design

If you want to avoid bothering yourself with a hefty and bulky jump starter that is inconvenient to store and carry, NOCO Boost HD GB70 is the unit to go. With a weight of 5 pounds (with clamps and accessories) and dimensions of 12.6 x 7.4 x 3.7 inches, you will enjoy the portability and easy movability. The clamps and cables are heavy-duty, as well as the whole construction.


I like the visual explanations of available ports on the device body. So you will never go wrong, even if you are a complete rookie in connectivity matters. There is a 2.1A USB out, 2.1A Micro USB in, 12V 15A out, and 12V 3A in for fast charging. Thus, you can power your personal (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.) and 12V devices (power inverters, tire inflators) on the go.


NOCO Boost HD GB70 features

NOCO GB70 is one of those devices that people who know nothing about polarity and other technical stuff can use. It comes with patented safety technology that delivers a spark-proof connection. So, no matter what you do and how you connect the clamps, you won't blow the system in your vehicle.

There is a 400-lumen LED flashlight with 7 modes. It is bright and powerful, so it will significantly help at night. You will also find SOS and an emergency strobe for critical situations.

LED indicators will keep you in the loop about possible errors and the level of the battery. As for the battery, it's rather capacious. I jump-started the engine twice, and the device retained its full battery level. So, a NOCO GB70 jump starter is nifty if your car's battery acts up from time to time. Also, it is charged pretty quickly on USB, but you can also use a Fast Charge input for a 3-hour recharge. The only thing with the USB charge that doesn't feel ok to me is that the jump starter gets very hot.

With the GB70 jump starter, you can bring back to life gas engines up to 8 liters and diesel engines up to 6 liters. So, it does its job with cars, SUVs, trucks, boats, RVs, and more pretty well.

Key specs
  • Peak Amps (12V): 2000.
  • Gas Engine Rating, l: 8.
  • Diesel Engine Rating, l: 6.
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion.

When it comes to the best portable jump starters for V8, the NOCO GB70 is a standout performer. Its delivery of 2000 amps ensures up to 40 jump starts per charge for both gas and diesel engines. Its portable design, coupled with heavy-duty clamps and cables, ensures durability and ease of use. With unique safety features, including a spark-proof connection and a powerful 400-lumen LED flashlight, the GB70 has got you covered in all scenarios. In my opinion, it’s an excellent choice for those needing a robust, reliable jump starter for their V8 engine!

  • Yes, 40 jump starts on a single charge is a reality!.
  • Heavy-duty clamps and cables.
  • Easy to use due to spark-roof connection.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Be careful when using USB output — the starter gets hot.

NOCO Boost Max GB250+ – most powerful

To "wake up" your car after a long downtime or to avoid unpleasant surprises on a long road trip, here's a thing that will give you confidence - NOCO GB250+. Being the first product in the Boost Max product lineup, this 5250-Amp lithium jump starter will bring to life any 12-volt battery. Apart from immense power, this device has other fascinating perks. So, delve into my NOCO Boost Max GB250+ review to learn more about this commercial-grade product.

Build and design

NOCO Boost Max GB250+ build and design

As with all NOCO devices, the GB250+ jump starter has a solid construction and heavy-duty clamps. Given the power this jumper starter carries, it is relatively lightweight. Of course, it is heavier than units from the Boost series, which are usually around 4-5 lbs. Yet, 21.6 pounds is not that much for a jump starter with this capacity. Furthermore, with the portable carrying case, it's not that hard to move it around.


This jump starter features two built-in 2.1A USB ports for powering multiple devices simultaneously and 12V input/output. Thus, whether you want to charge a 12V battery or a USB device like your phone, laptop, or tablet - GB250+ can do it all.


NOCO Boost Max GB250+ features

The NOCO GB250+ jump starter has been designed for carrying out the most challenging engine starts. It can crank any type of gasoline and diesel engine up to 16 liters. In fact, it does its job by starting buses and motorhomes as well as mining, agricultural, construction, and vocational equipment.

NOCO GB250+ has a LED indicator for showing the battery level. I also find the digital battery voltmeter handy for more thorough diagnostics. The 600-lumen LED flashlight boasts 7 light modes, including emergency strobe and SOS.

This jump starter is easy to use. It has an improved UltraSafe 2.0 technology delivering reverse polarity and spark protection with enhanced performance and longer battery life.

NOCO GB250+ is good for way more than one jump. Perhaps, auto power conservation does its job. As I pushed the power button on Boost, it counted 60 seconds. Then the device stopped. But that was enough to crank the vehicle, so I didn't have to initiate a new jump-start sequence. Recharging NOCO GB250+ is fairly simple. You can use either a 12-volt auxiliary port for direct charging or the XGC4 4-Amp power adapter.

Key specs
  • Peak Amps (12V): 5250.
  • Gas Engine Rating, l: 16.
  • Diesel Engine Rating, l: 16.
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion.

For those in search of the most powerful jump starter, the NOCO Boost Max GB250+ is your top-tier option. Boasting an astonishing 5250 amps, it’s equipped to revive any 12-volt battery, from 8V cars to motor homes and even heavy-duty agricultural equipment. Despite its immense power, it remains fairly portable, with a manageable weight of 21.6 pounds. Indeed, the GB250+ redefines power in the world of jump starters.

  • Features two built-in 2.1A USB ports and 12V input/output for charging multiple devices.
  • UltraSafe 2.0 technology provides reverse polarity and spark protection for safe use.
  • Equipped with a bright 600-lumen LED flashlight with 7 light modes, including emergency strobe and SOS.
  • At 21.6 pounds, it is relatively heavier compared to other jump starters in the Boost series.

Truck PAC ES1224

When exploring the market for an easy-to-use and versatile jump starter that supports 12 and 24-volt batteries, you can't pass up my Truck PAC ES1224 review. Featuring dual ES Series batteries, this device delivers high output current of 3000 peak 12 Volt amps and 1500 peak 24 Volt amps. It already sounds promising, but what else does this unit offer?

Build and design

Truck PAC ES1224 build and design

The ES1224 jump starter is not a device to carry around easily. It's 40 lbs and measures 13.25 x 15 x 6 inches, limiting the freedom of effortless mobility. Luckily, there are 60-inch #2 AWG cables which may compensate for the heavy weight of the unit in some situations. There are cable wraps for more convenient storage, but they do not work properly, and the cable ends up falling off. I am not totally pleased with the clamps, either. They feel substandard, and no metal pins are holding the clamps together, just plastic.


If you hope to charge your phone or USB devices with the ES1224 jump starter, that won’t happen. It has a DC outlet to power 12-volt accessories, and that's it. But it's good to know that the outlet has automatic overload protection for peace of mind.


Truck PAC ES1224 features

The booster pac ES1224 is a beast in the jump starter world. It has more than enough power to jump-start almost anything, from cars to trucks, delivery vehicles, and farm equipment. I think this jump starter will start a vehicle a bunch of times before it needs to be recharged. There remained a 90% battery level after I cranked the vehicle's engine three times.

With a LED battery indicator, you will always know how much power the battery holds. It recharges overnight, which is slower than you may want but still tolerable. There is also an option for automatic recharging. You just keep the unit plugged in all the time. This way, you always know it has enough cranking power to jump-start any vehicle. What's great is that there is no risk of overcharging due to special advanced circuitry.

The Advanced Warning System is another pleasant bonus for users who may be new to the whole jump-starting thing. Once you mismatch voltages or reverse polarity, you will be notified about unsafe conditions.

Key specs
  • Peak Amps (12V): 3000.
  • Peak Amps (24V): 1500.
  • Cranking Amps: 750(12V)/370(24V).
  • Battery Type: Lead-Acid.

The Truck PAC ES1224 is a robust lithium jump starter for V8 engines. Though it’s not the most portable, it’s a powerhouse delivering 3000 peak 12 Volt amps and 1500 peak 24 Volt amps, making it capable of starting various 8V vehicles, from cars to farm equipment. Its Advanced Warning System ensures safe usage, and the LED battery indicator keeps you aware of its power status. Despite some design limitations, its power and versatility shine, making it a compelling choice.

  • Compatible with both 12 and 24-volt batteries.
  • A lot of power — 3000 peak amps at 12 volts and 1500 peak amps at 24 volts.
  • User-friendly because of the advanced warning system.
  • Quite large and heavy, which can make it challenging to move around or store.
  • The quality of the clamps leaves something to be desired.
  • No USB port for charging other devices.

JNC 950

You can't just use any jump starter when you have issues with a dead battery on a truck, construction, or farm equipment. Instead, you will need a special one with enough capacity to crank powerful batteries. In this JNC 950 review, I will look exactly at such a device. With 2000 peak amps and 700 cranking amps, you will effortlessly start a 12V battery in a van, truck, or SUV. This makes it the largest jump starter JNC has ever manufactured.

Build and design

Jump-n-Carry 950 build and design

It is not the kind of jump starter you can call lightweight and easy to carry around. It's 34 lbs and somewhat bulky, so storing it may be a hassle. However, there is a convenient handle on top of the body, so it doesn't take a huge effort to bring it to the vehicle. 46-inch #2 AWG welding cable leads are also handy for extending the area of your reach. The device's build is solid, though the clamps are not as heavy-duty as I expected.


The Jump-n-Carry 950 jump starter doesn't come with a lot of ports. Actually, there is only one 12VDC outlet for power accessories. However, it would be great to have at least a single USB port for charging gadgets on the go.


Jump-n-Carry 950 features

This device solves the issue of dead batteries in large vehicles like it's nothing. It will give you the amps your car requires so you can go on with your affairs. I am not sure how many cranks per charge the JNC 950 unit will enable, but I can say with confidence - more than two. At least, that's how many times I started the engine, and I am pretty sure there was still enough power for other sequences.

The other reason I think this device is great is the smart charge function. You can leave it plugged in, and it maintains the battery without the risk of overcharging. The only thing the JNC 950 jump starter lacks is the charge meter. There is no way to check the charge level, which is inconvenient. But there is a volt gauge indicator display to give you more information about the cranking progress.

I can also leave it plugged in overnight and use it to jump cars all day long. It will easily start completely dead cars without hesitation all day on a single charge.

Key specs
  • Peak Amps (12V): 2000.
  • Cranking Amps: 700(12V).
  • Battery Type: Lead-Acid.

Regarding a reliable jumper pack for V8 engines, the JNC 950 is a worthy contender. With 2000 peak amps and 700 cranking amps, it’s been designed with heavy-duty vehicles in mind, easily jump-starting trucks, vans, and SUVs. Despite its size, it’s manageable to move around, and its power capabilities are impressive. Its smart charge function eliminates overcharging risks. Even with some features lacking, its jump-starting capacity makes it a great choice for V8 engines.

  • Equipped with a smart charge function that allows it to maintain the battery without the risk of overcharging​.
  • Solid construction with a handy handle.
  • Clamps are not as heavy-duty as expected.
  • No USB for charging phones or other devices.


How many amps do you need to start a V8 engine?

A typical V8 engine, which is common in larger vehicles such as trucks or SUVs, usually requires a jump starter with a peak current rating of around 1000 to 2000 amps. The precise requirement may vary depending on specific engine characteristics and the battery’s condition.

Does engine size matter when jumping a car?

Absolutely. The engine size is a critical factor in jump-starting a car. Larger engines generally require more power to turn over and start. This means you’ll need a car jumper with a higher peak amp rating to effectively jump-start larger engines.

Can a V6 engine jump a V8 engine?

Technically, yes. However, it’s important to note that it might take a longer time, and it could potentially drain the battery of the V6 vehicle. It’s generally recommended to use a jump starter or another vehicle with an equal or larger engine size to ensure an effective and safe jump start.
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