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How to Charge a Portable Jump Starter?

A jump starter is one of those units that should imperatively be in the toolkit of every car owner. Especially the one who has frequent battery issues. A jump starter is your go-to device for emergencies when you are caught off guard with a dead battery but have to get back on the road quickly. But, just like any electrical unit, it requires proper maintenance. In this article, you will learn how to charge a jump starter to be ready for any situation on the road.

What is a jump starter?

what is a jump starter?

A jump starter is a sort of device that provides a significant amount of power to kickstart a car battery. It sends a powerful impulse to the battery, sufficient to start an engine. However, unlike a battery charger, it is not designed to deliver ongoing power. On the contrary, after sending the impulse, its job is done. Then, the battery restores its capacity from an alternator.

A jump starter has an internal battery. As with any power-carrying source, it should be recharged.

How to charge a jump starter battery

There are a few methods for restoring the power level in the battery of a jump starter. They may be handy for various situations, so knowing more than one charging option is good.

Using an electric outlet

This is the most straightforward method of recharging the battery so far. You just have to hook the jump starter to the available power outlet and wait till the charging cycle is over. In addition, modern devices have indicators notifying you about the battery level, so you will always know for how long a jump starter has to be fully charged.

Connecting to the vehicle’s AC adapter

To charge a jump starter without a charger, you can use the vehicle’s AC outlet. It is a tested and proven way available to everyone, as even old vehicles that have been on the road for decades have a cigarette lighter integrated into the board. Most modern cars come with an AC adapter. For older models, you will have to buy one. So, to replenish the power level in your jump starter battery, you’ve got to plug it into the cigarette lighter slot.

Leveraging solar energy

If your jump starter has solar panels, there are no reasons to worry that the battery will be dead someday. Just keep the device exposed to light, and a flat battery is not a threat to you.

Should you fully charge the battery of a jump starter every time?

should you fully charge the battery of a jump starter every time?

Even though many people recommend charging the battery up to 100% every time, it’s not a mandatory requirement. Unless the remaining power level is sufficient to jump-start your car. So, it’s all a matter of personal preferences and battery capacity. A jump starter can do its job pretty well, even with 50% of the battery left.

However, it’s not enough to charge the battery once and assume it will hold power forever. Test the jump starter regularly to avoid awkward situations. For instance, you may leave the device in the vehicle for months or even years without recharging it. And, when the battery dies, and you need to use a jump starter, it won’t have enough charge to start your car.

How long should you charge the battery?

It’s better to check this information in the jump starter manual. The charging time will vary because of different battery capacities. Yet, most models will have an indicator showing the level of the charge. This way, you can track how long it takes to charge the battery fully.

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