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JNC 660 Review

If you are looking for a versatile, portable, and powerful jump starter for an automotive service garage, car dealership, towing operation, or fleet service facility, Jump-n-Carry has something special for you to offer. Its 660 jump starter with 1700 peak / 425 cranking Amps and 12-Volt battery compatibility is a high-favored solution for challenging situations. In the JNC 660 review, I will cover this device’s significant features so that you can make an informed decision.

Build and design

Jump-n-Carry 660 build and design

While there are smaller and lighter lithium jump starters out there, this one doesn’t feel extremely heavy. Yes, it’s 18 lbs, which is a weight that not all car owners will appreciate. However, compared to the devices that go as heavy as 30-40 lbs, this one is something in the middle. Also, the handle makes it easy for you to carry it around or bring it closer to the car’s battery. In addition, there are 46-inch #2 AWG welding cable leads for better access, even when the vehicle is parked in hard-to-reach spots.


Regarding ports, JNC 660 jump starter doesn’t have many of these. Actually, there is one 12VDC outlet to power accessories. No USB ports are included.


Jump-n-Carry 660 features

As for how this jump starter does its primary job, I have no complaints. It jumped my car when the battery was dead on the first try, so I am more than happy with that. If you have a passenger or light commercial vehicle, you can also rely on this unit.

What else I like about Jump-n-Carry 660 is that it has a built-in automatic charger. In addition, it supports continuous charging, so you will always keep the unit in the ‘ready’ condition, and you won’t be caught unprepared in case of an emergency.

I feel a little bit confused about the voltmeter. It shows how much power the jump starter’s battery has, not how full it is. What I want to say is that it won’t tell you when it’s time to unplug the unit once it is fully charged. It will just tell you the max possible storable voltage. That’s the reason why I recommend recharging Jump-n-Carry 660 after every use, so you are always prepared for any situation.

The JNC 660 has automatic circuit protection to prevent overloads. However, I wish it also included reverse polarity protection to ensure the car’s electronics are not damaged when the polarity is reversed.

Key specs

  • Peak Amps (12V): 1700.
  • Cranking Amps: 425(12V).
  • Battery Type: Lead-Acid.
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