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JNC 950 Review

You can’t just use any jump starter when you have issues with a dead battery on a truck, construction, or farm equipment. Instead, you will need a special one with enough capacity to crank powerful batteries. In this JNC 950 review, I will look exactly at such a device. With 2000 peak amps and 700 cranking amps, you will effortlessly start a 12V battery in a van, truck, or SUV. This makes it the largest jump starter JNC has ever manufactured.

Build and design

Jump-n-Carry 950 build and design

It is not the kind of jump starter you can call lightweight and easy to carry around. It’s 34 lbs and somewhat bulky, so storing it may be a hassle. However, there is a convenient handle on top of the body, so it doesn’t take a huge effort to bring it to the vehicle. 46-inch #2 AWG welding cable leads are also handy for extending the area of your reach. The device’s build is solid, though the clamps are not as heavy-duty as I expected.


The Jump-n-Carry 950 jump starter doesn’t come with a lot of ports. Actually, there is only one 12VDC outlet for power accessories. However, it would be great to have at least a single USB port for charging gadgets on the go.


Jump-n-Carry 950 features

This device solves the issue of dead batteries in large vehicles like it’s nothing. It will give you the amps your car requires so you can go on with your affairs. I am not sure how many cranks per charge the JNC 950 unit will enable, but I can say with confidence – more than two. At least, that’s how many times I started the engine, and I am pretty sure there was still enough power for other sequences.

The other reason I think this device is great is the smart charge function. You can leave it plugged in, and it maintains the battery without the risk of overcharging. The only thing the JNC 950 jump starter lacks is the charge meter. There is no way to check the charge level, which is inconvenient. But there is a volt gauge indicator display to give you more information about the cranking progress.

I can also leave it plugged in overnight and use it to jump cars all day long. It will easily start completely dead cars without hesitation all day on a single charge.

Key specs

  • Peak Amps (12V): 2000.
  • Cranking Amps: 700(12V).
  • Battery Type: Lead-Acid.
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