Given Sparks Jump starters Reviews NOCO Boost Max GB250+ Review

NOCO Boost Max GB250+ Review

To “wake up” your car after a long downtime or to avoid unpleasant surprises on a long road trip, here’s a thing that will give you confidence – NOCO GB250+. Being the first product in the Boost Max product lineup, this 5250-Amp lithium jump starter will bring to life any 12-volt battery. Apart from immense power, this device has other fascinating perks. So, delve into my NOCO Boost Max GB250+ review to learn more about this commercial-grade product.

Build and design

NOCO Boost Max GB250+ build and design

As with all NOCO devices, the GB250+ jump starter has a solid construction and heavy-duty clamps. Given the power this jumper starter carries, it is relatively lightweight. Of course, it is heavier than units from the Boost series, which are usually around 4-5 lbs. Yet, 21.6 pounds is not that much for a jump starter with this capacity. Furthermore, with the portable carrying case, it’s not that hard to move it around.


This jump starter features two built-in 2.1A USB ports for powering multiple devices simultaneously and 12V input/output. Thus, whether you want to charge a 12V battery or a USB device like your phone, laptop, or tablet – GB250+ can do it all.


NOCO Boost Max GB250+ features

The NOCO GB250+ jump starter has been designed for carrying out the most challenging engine starts. It can crank any type of gasoline and diesel engine up to 16 liters. In fact, it does its job by starting buses and motorhomes as well as mining, agricultural, construction, and vocational equipment.

NOCO GB250+ has a LED indicator for showing the battery level. I also find the digital battery voltmeter handy for more thorough diagnostics. The 600-lumen LED flashlight boasts 7 light modes, including emergency strobe and SOS.

This jump starter is easy to use. It has an improved UltraSafe 2.0 technology delivering reverse polarity and spark protection with enhanced performance and longer battery life.

NOCO GB250+ is good for way more than one jump. Perhaps, auto power conservation does its job. As I pushed the power button on Boost, it counted 60 seconds. Then the device stopped. But that was enough to crank the vehicle, so I didn’t have to initiate a new jump-start sequence. Recharging NOCO GB250+ is fairly simple. You can use either a 12-volt auxiliary port for direct charging or the XGC4 4-Amp power adapter.

Key specs

  • Peak Amps (12V): 5250.
  • Gas Engine Rating, l: 16.
  • Diesel Engine Rating, l: 16.
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion.
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